Dear Editor:

Dan Fante & Hollowblue - Teatrofficina Refugio - Livorno 24/8/11

You complete idiot moron asshole dufus

do you actually believe that what writers do – what I do – is some sort

of disposable – quick-trick slight-of-hand mechanical keyboard


like the shuffling of a deck of cards or lip-sinking my novel into a

computer program or punching a goddamn GPS address into the

dashboard of your powder blue ninety-thousand-dollar 4-door BMW

Next time –

dear subhuman thoughtless editor –

when we meet

when I submit something I’ve written to you


I’ll simply stand on your desk and press a gun barrel between your

wide-set eyes

so we can have a real conversation called

what I do as an artist is cut away pieces of myself and smear those

dripping chunks of flesh

across a page so that anyone willing enough – tuned-in enough –

to connect their mind with mine

can see inside



Believe it or not dear editor –

I do not give a rat’s dick whether my rejected new book of stories

fits into your projections for next year’s publication list



You may trust this:

I will continue to do as I have always done –

to open myself up as much as I can – to tear away at my own self-

importance and delusion

a layer at a time

and to seek and speak my deepest

and closest truth


the day my wife

and kid

pack my body in dry ice

sew my lips and eyes closed

and file my stinking remains

in the breakwater off Santa Monica Pier

And one last thing Dear Editor:












Dan Fante

Selections from ‘Kissed By A Fat Waitress’

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